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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 days in and I am impressed

I don't want to go into a full review yet, since I haven't really used my new cloth pads long enough to form a true opinion, but I have to say that so far, they are living up to everything I have read.
They are comfortable (even if they are a little bit more bulky than disposables), and work just as well as their throw away counterparts!
I look forward to them coming out of the wash so that I can use them again! Which is probably the best part of all! Nothing going into the garbage! I didn't buy something that I am going to use once and throw away!! YAY!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Taking the next (eco) step

I have switched to cloth diapers, cloth (knit) dish cloths, and "un-paper" towels; so why is it that I was still ok with throwing away feminine hygiene products every month?

The answer to that one is pretty easy, it is the ick factor. For some reason, it does not bother my husband or I to stand over the toilet, spraying gross poop off of a diaper, but mention a reusable pad and both of us cringe. It seems really silly. In fact, it is silly, so I am putting aside my preconceived notions of how icky "mama cloth" is and trying it.

Like cloth diapers, the initial investment is much higher than disposables. One pad (or pad set in some cases) costs about what I would spend in a month or more on throw away products. Because of that, I only started my stash with enough to last one day. If I get through that first day and I am hooked, I can order more. If I hate it, I haven't invested too much time and money on a failed project.

From what I have read, I will never want to buy a disposable pad again. All the reviews on every brand of reusable pads talk about how much more comfortable they are, and how easy it really is to take care of them and such. Because I have diapers to throw them in the wash with, it will be even easier for me!

My first ones arrived today, and first impressions are pretty good. They seem soft, and they are kind cute, although not as cute as cloth diapers are, which is fine because I don't really want anyone seeing them!

I will keep you posted on what I think, and if I am going to continue on this journey!